Coffee Outside

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Coffee Outside

Coffee Outside with Legend Bicycle

July, 2018 — 41° 47' 14" N 71° 22' 14"W

June, 2018 — 41° 47' 14" N 71° 22' 14"W

May 18th, 2018 — Bike to Work Day

April, 2018 — 41° 50' 01" N 71° 22' 20" W  

Meetup to ride as a group

Friday mornings, 7am, at Legend Bicycle Shop—181 Brook St., Providence, RI—and ride with us to a slightly-out-of-the-way-but-still-local spot for coffee and good vibes, outside. We plan to have some basics on hand to boil water, but we recommend that you BYO coffee or grounds, and maybe some snacks if you're into sharing. Also recommended: minimum 28c tires for navigating semi-public roads, with a little dirt, gravel, and/or sand. Don't be too late, the the train leaves from Legend at 715/720.

Meetup at Camp Coffee

Running a little late, or prefer to arrive and leave on your own time? Click the link above for a map link, and navigate the roads and "roads" to the hobo cafe. Map location and date will be updated at least 24hrs in advance.

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